9:00 Arrive, check-in, eat breakfast

10:00 Welcome, introductions

10:30 Hacking begins! Hackers who want to get started right away can begin, while others can get inspired by attending lightning talks in separate rooms before getting started.

10:45 Lightning talks (5-10 minutes per talk, ideally in separate smaller rooms, not the main space – use the main space for hackers who want to start without waiting for talks to finish).

  • Note: Lightning talks should offer a diverse range of inspiration, ideas and open data for attendees to work on (e.g. Open NASA Data, Helpful Tools for Data Visualization, DIY Biology, Hacking Neuroscience with an EEG, Gadgets for Geophysics, etc.). It’s important that the lightning talks represent a broad range of things that your diverse attendees will be interested in – from design, science and web development, but also diverse in the types of science represented – space, biotech, particle physics, neuroscience, geophysics, oceanography, biodiversity, etc.

12:00 Lunch

19:00 Dinner

22:00 Doors close – attendees can stay at the venue overnight or leave at anytime, but no re-entry until Sunday at 9:00

Overnight: Attendees have the option of spending the night at the venue. Snacks/refreshments provided overnight.



9:00 Doors open, breakfast

12:00 Lunch

13:37 Hacking stops!

14:00 Hack demos begin! (Typically 2-3 minutes per demo)

16:00 Winning teams announced & given awards/medals